Ethno tour to Southern and Northern Ethiopia on Meskel Holiday


We invite you to the real ethnographic adventure in the country of the lost tribes. These tribes are still yet to be reached by the civilization and they are the last standing guards over the ancient customs and national traditions. The ethno-tour to the distant and obscure lands of the Southern and Northern Ethiopia will introduce you to the hidden tribes of Karo, Hammer, Ari, Galeb, Bene, Dorze, Arbore, Mursi, Danakil Desert, Erta Ale volcano, Lalibela churches on Meskel Festival and others and will leave memories that will remain with you forever.

Ethiopia is the place of discoveries, vivid and mysterious. But above all this is a country of unforgettable stories, peoples, cultures and traditions, many of which go back for thousands of years. Everybody who arrives to Ethiopia if not simply taking a plane and flying in; this is also the travel through time. As the part of our tour we will travel to the most interesting and hard-to-reach areas of the Southern Ethiopia, concentrating on photography of the local tribes, each of which has its own unique features, like skin painted with the warlike ornaments, jewelry made of aircraft wreckage, huge lip and ear saucers, etc. You can’t find such experiences anywhere else in the world, and you’d better see it before the civilization penetrates these hidden corners of the world.

3199 per person

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