Passover preparation in Mea Shearim

Proper Passover cleaning

While all respectable Jews wash the windows and rub the pans preparing for Passover, we will not sit still as well
I invite you to to join me in the pre-Easter walk in the Mea Shearim neighborhood – one of the most exciting places in Israel (of course, for my taste) for photographers and for everybody else interested how the life is like outside of their home, family traditions and lifestyle.

What is the life of Mea Shearim’s apartment dwellers like? What is one hundred measures? Or gates? What happens in the most orthodox quarter of Jerusalem not on TV, but in the real life? And most importantly, how the most righteous the the righteous are preparing for one of the most important Jewish holidays, the Passover?

130 per person
0 – children under 15

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On the eve of Passover, observant Jewish start panicking. To get rid of every one of leavened bread crumbs, boil all the pots, burn the rakes, wash the dishes, spoons and forks, one needs strong nerves and a clear plan of action. Who else but the orthodox Jews know what to do in this difficult and confusing situation? Surely, most of you before Passover have seen in the streets around synagogues the public “steaming” and “burning”, but all this is nothing compared to a careful approach of the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood.

So what is in the program? First, the atmosphere. If you hate “Dosim”, dependents and parasites, will not like this tour and you will be uncomfortable. We’re going in a good mood, and to have a good time.

Second, we expect several unforgettable hours in the midst of the holiday preparations – people running around, vats of boiling water, and hundreds of children. We will walk through the narrow streets of the area that gets media attention very day, but few people really understand what’s going on there. We will see “washable” bakeries and shops, wayward locals, pre-Easter excitement and hear many interesting stories of the neighborhood.

I’ll show you the contrasts of Mea Shearim. It’s mind-boggling how on a small plot of land the 200-year-old fashion, modern cars, expensive jewelry shops and women in burkas coexist. We will see how the people from whom you expect aggression and hatred can smile. You will learn about how this quarter was founded, and what happens there today.


Meeting point: intersection of Neviim and Ethiopi streets

What you will need
Modest clothing is required!

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