Two days in the North: Kziv, Sarach and Betzet streams

19 and 20 of April, during Pessakh holidays we are planning to be as far away from Egypt as possible: in the Far North. We will walk along riverbeds of Kziv, Sarach and Betzet streams.

Two-day trek in these northernmost streams of the Upper Galilee will allow us to visit Monfort fortress – one of the most impressive crusader ruins as well as few stalactite caves and the Arch Cave – which is actually not a cave anymore, but a wonderful natural arch. Not to mention walking along riverbeds in shadow of huge platans, oaks and strawberry trees, climbing to lookouts where one can see how green waves of Galilean hills interflow with Mediterranean on the horizon.

In total we plan to cover about 35 kilometers during two days.

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