Trekking in upper Amud stream

The most picturesque valley of the North of Israel

While summer has not yet come, it is time to trek in Israel, and visit on Saturday, March 29, one of our favorite and most interesting valleys of the Galilee – the upper Nahal Amud.

Nahal Amud is one of the most beautiful valleys of the North of Israel. It has a full set of attractions, which are enough for a day full of physical and mental pleasure. High cliffs, water, oleander, shady thickets, birds and animals, the tomb of Sheikh don’t leave anybody indifferent.

100 per person
0 for children under 15

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Upper Amud (there is Lower Amud, but we’ll talk another time about it) is considered one of the most interesting canyons of the Northern Israel, combining attractions such as the “flora and fauna”, and many objects of interest for the lovers of ruins, history and mix of cultures. Here we will see the concrete buildings of the British Mandate riddled with bullet holes, beautiful staircase leading off to the cool water, stunning views of Safed and the Galilee, the abandoned mill and the pressing cotton station, pomegranate orchards, olives, figs, almonds and walnuts, as well as numerous water hazards (no deeper than up to ankles, though), and of course, the swimming pools, which are so nice to swim in the heat, the waterfalls, and even the grave of a Sheikh. Its picturesque building, located on a spur of a rock, also has the stunning views of the Galilee.

As I wrote above, this is not just a hike through the beautiful gorge, but also a little trip back in time to the ancient and modern history, in the way to which we will pass the springs, aqueducts, gardens (each of these words naturally pull several hundreds of others), etc.

Additional information

– The route is not round. We’ll start it from the parking lot at 866 Meron road and finish at road 85. We will have to get our cars to the beginning and the end to optimize the process.
– The hike is designed for the whole day, great for the whole family, including children. On the route there is shade and water, a comfortable place to rest and make coffee. However, in any case it not be exactly hot.
– The length of the route is about 12 km, but do not think that this is not enough: we’re not going to walk steadily; we will do some sightseeing and slightly deviate from the main route.
– Coffee and cookies – is a standard, even in the North :)

When: March 29
Time: Meeting at 8:00 AM, the completion of the route is approximately at 17:00
Where: meeting at the parking lot Meron (Hanyon Laila) on the road 866
What to bring: at least 5 liters of water per person, sunscreen, hat, comfortable hiking shoes.
Transport: in your own cars, I will try to find you a ride if you are car-less (please share the cost of gas with a driver).
You may need to pay an entrance fee to the Reserve Nahal Amud.

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