Good old friends from the Dassenech Tribe

Do you know what I like about visiting the places where you have already been? It’s a chance to meet a familiar face. When this November I came back to the Omo valley in the Southern Ethiopia, i met many “old friends”. Interestingly, many of them recognized me as well.

For example, I got a very warm welcome when I returned to the village of the Daasanach tribe, people of which live at the banks of the Omo river, one of the hottest and toughest places in the Southern Ethiopia. Couple of months ago I wrote about what happened when we had come to the village and discuss the photographers coming to shoot tribal girls. This time this visit was the most pleasant for everyone and I in particular was thrilled to see one of the heroines of that story.

This picture was taken during one of the previous trips:

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

And this one was taken this trip.

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The Daasanach tribe is one of the poorest in Ethiopia. They dwell in the rocky desert and although the Omo river is nearby, heat and no plants make their life really tough. Compared to their neighbors of the Nyangatom tribe, they don’t have that much land and cattle. In general, they are struggling. This tribe also practices some specific rituals, both religious and household. Recently, a school was built here and missionaries came to teach them English.


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