16 kilometers hike through Gush Etzion, the famous Israeli wine making region and the heart of the Biblical Israel. We invite you to join our trek, full of history and ancient atmosphere.

Trek in one of the most beautiful and picturesque gorges of the Upper Galilee. Over 12 kilometers we can expect a lot of water, pittoresque bridges, platan trees, climbing to the Sheikh’s maqam, buildings of the Ottoman period and more.

Unforgettable two-day trek in the waters of Wadi Hasa in Jordan will fill your life with the new meaning. Here you will learn what a real water canyon is and what the true adventure feels like.


Andalusia has a rich Moorish heritage, including many fantastic examples of Moorish architecture which were built during the eight centuries when Andalusia was the centre of the Arab population in the Iberian peninsular. During this tour we will visit main Jewish and Arabs attractions as long learn a lot about history and religion of the region.

Two unforgettable days in beautiful Jordanians canyons: Wadi Mujib and Wadi ibn Hammad. Great trip for those who love trekking, wild nature and adventures.

During this unusual tour, we’ll focus on Ethiopian churches in Jerusalem and tradition of the oriental church. You’ll learn about Ethiopian Christians, and also you will find how many doors should be in the Ethiopian church and why, what is the difference between Lalibela and Gondar crosses, what are the main features of Ethiopian iconography, and more.

You have not seen Mar Saba like this. I invite you to an incredible ethno-trek in the Judean Desert at the moon! During the night, we will learn the secrets of the seclusion of the Holy City desert, see a line of Jerusalem at the burning horizon, will rise to the highest point of the Judean Desert Mount Muntar, and meet the sunrise looking at the most beautiful monastery on the Middle East.

The active hike in one of the most beautiful water gorges of Israel We will visit the Farran Lavra, source of Prat and Mabou, go through Herod’s aqueduct , not to mention swimming in the waters of the creek Prat!

We offer you to touch one of the biggest mysteries of the Land of Israel, and join the unique tour to the Mount Gerizim.