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What I like the most about my life right now is that I can do seemingly totally different things that fuse into a single project dedicated to the one main idea. Journalism, photography, travel and history have been tied together tight. Many people tell me that I got lucky. I don’t believe it was just luck; in fact I have been working hard on the things that I love doing. For example, this is my favorite child,TravelLab Shop. I’m like a little girl playing with her favorite dolls, combing their hair and admiring them :)

TravelLab Shop

I have recently added some new necklaces and bracelets, and rearranged shop’s categories into Products on sale,Jewellery, Ceramics, Textile andDecoration. I think such arrangement makes a little bit more sense now.

Another important thing about the shop is that every item has its own history. I don’t and never will buy wholesale; an authentic Bene tribe stool can’t be bought wholesale. I exactly remember where I found a particular scarf, and what is the difference between the Hamer tribe necklaces and the Afar tribe necklaces. I bought the “saucer” for the lip piercing of the Mursi tribe from women of the tribe in their village, and not in a hotel gift shop (you can’t buy them there anyway, though).

TravelLab Shop

I was offered to establish the supply of goods for the shop from various countries, such as ceramics, textiles, etc. I refused each time because for me it’s very important that in my this store there will be only those things that I have seen by myself in person, and selected them specifically. I have a partner in Ethiopia who can send me some items between my trips to Ethiopia, but he sends me only what I ask, and only what was already in the store, but was sold out.

TravelLab Shop

Okay, I’m done. Just as a reminder, to check out the exotic beautiful things, visit my shop. There are two fully-functional language versions (English and Russian), so enjoy and have a great day :)


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  • Наталья Третьякова

    Ты просто Большая Умничка!!!!! :)